On Ole Miss, Nashville, and ‘Perlious Falls’…

Verse of the Day:

Hasten, O God, to save me;
    come quickly, Lord, to help me
~ Psalm 70:1 ~

originalLord, help me – I don’t know if I can make it through another day like this…

So!  I’m just gonna leave this here…  you should read it.  And then you and me should find a way to just skip this generation being our future – just skip them and move on to the next… provided we do a better job with them.  If not, let’s just burn it all to the ground and maybe we don’t start over – not sure we deserve to.idjit
One of my friends heard the story and mused aloud, ‘I wonder if they know bananas grow in trees?’.  Frankly, I’m not sure I could answer that in the affirmative.  We’ve got a generation attending colleges who’s first (and apparently only) response is to not “feel welcome” or “safe” because someone threw a banana peel away and it got stuck in a tree…  They needed safe spaces for that.  They cancelled a large retreat because of it.  They cried (seriously?!)  over it.  Because the big bad world hurt their widdle feewings… somehow…  still not sure how that does it, but with the apparently micro-thin skin on the generation in college right now, I’m guessing a brisk breeze might hurt their feelings.   I just…   Screw feelings.
I can’t even right now.
People need to stop being idjits.

Next up, an organization called The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood(CBMW) held a conference and issued what was titled “The Nashville Statement”.  As the name of the group would indicate, this was a Christian organization that months ago planned to issue a statement re: the topic of Biblical Christianity and how it related to the sexual nature of man.  This shouldn’t be a story, but apparently the same beliefs that have been taught for over 2,000 years caught many by surprise; and they melted down…  Again.  The statement isn’t controversial by any means – it is Christian (and to some extent aligned with Jewish) doctrine.  It’s been taught and believed for a loooooong time.  It was a good statement.  It was a Biblically correct statement – which makes it a Christian statement: believe it or not, God’s will and law aren’t something common man gets to change just because we don’t like it.  And public figures that go out of their way to condemn it and talk about how tolerant their viewpoints are while saying the CBMW has no place and should be silenced need to go look ‘tolerance‘ up in the dictionary, and then ‘tolerate‘ (I included links just in case…).  Also, the Mayor of Nashville needs to check herself – the government doesn’t get to say who or what is representative of the “inclusive values of the city“: many of the residents of Nashville believe what was expressed in the Nashville Statement; you don’t have a monopoly on values, and if you’re going to be “inclusive” you’d better be ready to include them – if not, you really don’t understand the word or that the role of the government isn’t there to tell people what views and values are acceptable.
Why is it every single time a Christian or Christian organization professes a Christian belief so many people lose their ever-loving minds?!  Just…  Stop it already.  I and others may not always achieve living up to our professed values, but most of us are trying – and not hitting the mark all the time doesn’t mean the mark still isn’t there for us.

perilAnd finally!  I got a book on the recommendation of…  I can’t remember who from National Review a while back.  It’s a kid’s book and I got a copy for my nephew and a copy for myself, and we made a handshake agreement last night to read a chapter a week and discuss it.  It is, by far, the book I’m looking forward to reading the most right now.  The book is the first in a series about Will Wilder (I guess I’ll find out who that is soon), and is titled The Relic of Perilous Falls.  It is supposed to be an adventure series (think young Indiana Jones(?)) but with an emphasis on faith and the battle between Good and Evil as understood by Christians.  Hoping it will keep my nephew’s interest and mine.


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