On The Ending of an Extra-/Un-Constitutional Era(?)…


Today President Trump issued a statement outlining the end of DACA, and I don’t think I could be happier with this President right now; he has kept his promises and he’s found a way in this instance to do it in such a manner that gives Congress time to make changes to the law so that it is – in some people’s views – more compassionate.  (Update: under the president’s statement – nothing really changes…  the government just stops handing out papers that aren’t legit anyways.  He could/should have gone further to actually faithfully execute the laws of the land.)

DACA at its best was a well-intentioned un-Constitutional exercise of Executive authority – something that even President Obama had the intellectual integrity to admit…  several times; he just didn’t care in the end.  At its worst it was an ill-intentioned attempt to win votes.  I imagine it falls somewhere in-between the two.

But either way – it was an un- and extra-Constitutional abuse of Executive powers.  The US Constitution clearly – CLEARLY places the entirety of onus on the Legislative branch of our government to craft immigration policy:

The Congress shall have to power… To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization…
~ U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 ~

DACA was clearly not included in any immigration law passed to this date, and as such is not a legitimate execution of said law – something the President of the United States is sworn to do.

Now, the President and many members of the Congress have expressed a desire for the program to continue, but as the President’s statement concluded – it’s the legislature’s job to make it law.  Allowing for the gradual phase-out of the program – where the first allowances begin to expire in six months and extend out for up to 24 month – gives the Congress ample time to pass a lawful version of DACA; heck, they could pass the exact same thing that’s in place right now if they wanted to – I’m just not sure this Congress is capable of passing even gas right now.  But again – THAT IS THEIR PREROGATIVE – and to circumvent that is to circumvent the law: I have no taste for that, and neither should you.

For all my friends: this is a policy issue – nothing more, nothing less.
Good people can disagree on immigration policy, believe it or not – there is no need to demonize or assume the worst about somebody because they opine contrasting viewpoints.  None of us is a better person because we want stricter border control, or because we want to take in more refugees or what-have-you – there are legitimate concerns and points on these across the spectrum – let’s respect each others’ right to differing opinions.  I have many I hold dear that desire a much stricter immigration policy and many that believe immigration should be reformed to be more expansive – and none of them are evil people because of it.  Could we have a policy discussion without assuming the worst about everyones’ motives, please?  Please?!  For the love of all that’s holy?!
  I’m begging everybody here!

For my friends on the Right: I imagine if Congress takes this on and successfully passes it but is unable to repeal Obamacare, pass tax reform, or build a security structure on the southern border – you won’t be too happy.  Nor should you be – promises were made, and the impotence and incompetence of this Congress should be punished.  Unfortunately – the left’s policy agenda is worse than the feckless agenda of Republicans today. Do with this majority what you will.  In regards to DACA, you should take time to acknowledge that most of the recipients have been here a long time – a good deal of them not by their own volition.  We perhaps should take that into account when drafting a policy prescription, and perhaps we should work together to figure this out.

For my friends on the Left: stop lying already, and stop acting like the world is coming to an end every time the President does something you don’t like – we dealt with it for eight years, you’ll make it through at least another three.  I’ve seen far too many posts about how the President is kicking out hundreds of thousands of children – that is false and you know it: DACA recipients were mostly in their 20s.  I’ve seen you try to make an equivalence between abortion and illegal immigrants (“You can’t be pro-life and anti-DACA, HYPOCRITES!”) – get real, and get smart – that’s a crap argument and as dishonest as it gets, and if you don’t know it I worry for your mental well-being.  I’ve seen you tell me I can’t be a Christian if I don’t agree with you on immigration policy and DACA – PUH-LEEEEESE, apparently unlike you I can accept that in order for a government to function the law must be followed and enforced, and as a Christian we can have different ideas on what national policy should be – you don’t get to tell people what their faith dictates policy-wise.  This all comes down to the fact that President Obama said time-and-time again that he didn’t have the authority to do this but he did it anyways, and now we have a President that actually believes in his proper role in governing.

For eight years we had an administration that ruled through Executive Order on the big things – this is what happens when you embrace such a form of governance: the other guy is just going to come in and undo what you liked…  If he’s inclined – he may try to do stuff you don’t like too.  You want DACA to continue?  Urge your Representatives and Senators to work together to create a constitutional, legislative fix.  The President said he’d sign it – he even gave them quite a bit of time to do it; so stop acting like he’s the big evil bogey-man because he believes the law says what it says and means what it means.

All that to say: finally.  The President kept his word and has consistently – if ham-handedly – tried to carry through with what he said he would if elected.  And, as stated above, he did it while being gracious and compassionate and allowing the system to figure itself out to reach a more amicable, legal decision.  Bully for him!

Now, in other things – join me in donating to these places for Harvey relief:

JJ Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fund (He’s gonna make sure it goes to a good place)
Houston Food Bank (I don’t know what % goes to folks on the ground – but it’s a great place to give from everything I’ve looked into)
Church of God Ministries (100% goes to help on the ground)
Salvation Army

While the Southeast floods, the Northwest burns – I’m still looking for places to give here….  Donated to the local Salvation Army because I know they do good work.  If I find more, I’ll share it.


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