On “Winning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing” and being the ham at breakfast…

Winning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing.” ~ Vince Lombardi ~

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And we expect the Cougs to win…  A Lot.

It’s finally the time of the year I look forward to the most; weeks where I spend Saturdays and Sundays yelling at a television and the chickens refs that are somehow doing a worse job than they did last year.

 “It’s a little like breakfast; you eat ham and eggs. As coaches and players, we’re like the ham. You see, the chicken’s involved but the pig’s committed. We’re like the pig, (officials) are like the chicken. They’re involved, but everything we have rides on this.”

There’s a lot to look forward to this year I think as a Coug fan: spending the afternoons with friends eating chili doing jello shots whenever the Cougs score while talking about how awful the announcers are and being generally bullish on the Cougs chances this year, the return of Coach Leachisms – the pre-game and halftime interviews are some of the best viewing ever, Luke Falk maybe definitely setting some 12-PAC (and maybe some NCAA) records, a defense a year improved, and a shot at a 12-PAC title – it does run through the State of Washington this year.

All-in-all I think we’re in for a doozy of a year, and I’m guessing either record anywhere from 8-4 to 11-1 – here’s the schedule and my predictions:

  • Montana State – I think we win this: 1-0
  • Boise – Revenge win:  2-0
  • Oregon State – Another win:  3-0
  • Nevada – Chalk it up:  4-0
  • USC – Probably our first loss:  4-1
  • @ Oregon – Let’s keep the streak alive:  5-1
  • @ Cal – This probably isn’t going to be any prettier than the OSU game: 6-1
  • Colorado – They’ll be tougher this year, but I think we handle them at home:  7-1
  • @ Arizona – The Cougs keep on clicking: 8-1
  • Standford – I’d like to think we could win this: 8-2 / 9-1
  • @ Utah – Tough team at home, but nothing Luke can’t handle: 9-2 / 10-1
  • THE APPLE CUP @ Washington – This is what it all comes down to; the 12-PAC North should come down to this game.  As much as I’d like to beat the Huskies, and if they’re O-line is as porous as it was against Rutgers the other day we could, I don’t know if we’ve got it in us.  Luckily we have a bye the week before, so we’ll see what happens:  10-2 / 11-1 (cue the *you-know-what the Huskies* chant)

In all reality I think we end up at the 10-2…  that could all be blown out of the Palouse though if Coach Leach hasn’t figured out how to handle FBS schools/if he has – we’ll know soon enough.

And now…  we’re less than ten hours away from kickoff: I CAN’T WAIT!

Also, still this guy – our hero: